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by Kimberley D. Elsbach, Roland Rust, Alan Morrison, Joseph Porac, Elizabeth Dávid-Barrett, Paolo Campana, Rowena Olegario

Latest News & Events

Oxford Workshop on Reputations and NGOs

A by-invitation three-day workshop, sponsored by the Oxford University Centre for Corporate Reputation, will be held at the Saïd Business School. This workshop will explore the different dimensions of NGOs’ reputations: how reputation might serve to regulate NGOS; how NGOs shape their multiple reputations; and the reputational dynamics of NGO–firm interactions.

Dates: 15-17 July, 2014
Location: Saïd Business School

Corporate Reputation eJournal launched

In May 2014, the Oxford University Centre for Corporate Reputation announced the creation of a new SSRN eJournal - Corporate Reputation eJournal. This multidisciplinary eJournal includes working and accepted paper abstracts on corporate and organisational reputation and related constructs, such as image, brand, status, and legitimacy. Rowena Olegario, Senior Research Fellow and Research Coordinator at the Centre, serves as Editor. To subscribe: http://www.ssrn.com/update/cgn/cgnann/annA001.html

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Special issue on corporate reputation in Business History Review

In January 2014, Business History Review published a special issue on corporate reputation, guest edited by Rowena Olegario and Chris McKenna of the Oxford University Centre for Corporate Reputation.

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Ethical grey areas: 2013 Annual Symposium roundtable essays featured in Socio-Economic Review

The essays from the Oxford University Centre for Corporate Reputation’s 2013 Annual Symposium roundtable exploring the reputational dynamics associated with corporations engaged in ethical ‘grey areas’ were included in the January 2014 issue of Socio-Economic Review. International Research Fellows Gregory Jackson and Stephen Brammer provided an introductory piece to the collection. Socio-Economic Review (2014) 12 (1): 153-218. doi: 10.1093/ser/mwt021

How reputations are won and lost in modern information markets

A one-day conference on media and markets hosted by the University of San Diego School of Law's Center for Corporate and Securities Law and the Oxford University Centre for Corporate Reputation.

Time: 13:30 to 18:00, 17 Jan 2014
Location: University of San Diego School of Law

The Oxford Handbook of Corporate Reputation

The Handbook was published in August 2012. Consisting of twenty-three chapters written by forty-five scholars in a multitude of disciplines, the Handbook is truly groundbreaking; it is the first academic reference source of its kind on the subject.

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Recent database additions

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Andres A.R, Asongu S.A.  2013.  Fighting Software Piracy: Which Governance Tools Matter in Africa? Journal of Business Ethics. 118(3):667-682.
Arikan I., Shenkar O..  2013.  NATIONAL ANIMOSITY AND CROSS-BORDER ALLIANCES. Academy of Management Journal. 56(6):1516-1544.