Special issue on corporate reputation in Business History Review

The January 2014 special issue on corporate reputation in Business History Review was guest edited by Rowena Olegario and Chris McKenna of the Oxford University Centre for Corporate Reputation.

Business History Review, Volume 87, Issue 04, Winter 2013:


Corporate Reputation Roundtable

Essays by Edward Balleisen, Christy Ford Chapin, Sally Clarke, Ron Harris, Jonathan M. Karpoff, and Jonathan Macey


Rowena Olegario and Christopher McKenna, "Introduction: Corporate Reputation in Historical Perspective"

Kenneth Lipartito, "Mediating Reputation: Credit Reporting Systems in American History"

James Taylor, "Privacy, Publicity, and Reputation: How the Press Regulated the Market in Nineteenth-Century England"

Susie J. Pak, "Reputation and Social Ties: J. P. Morgan & Co. and Private Investment Banking"

Marcelo Bucheli and Erica Salvaj, "Reputation and Political Legitimacy: ITT in Chile, 1927–1972"


Christopher Kobrak, "The Concept of Reputation in Business History"


Stephen Mihm, "The Railroading of American Business." A review of Richard White, Railroaded: The Transcontinentals and the Making of Modern America.